What are customers saying about TurCon?

"The Grande Prairie Farmers’ Market has been pleased with the work completed on our recent $670 000.00 upgrade under the project management of Turcon Construction. They have maintained excellent communication between the site supervisor, tradesmen, project manager and client. They have also been diligent in maintaining safety procedures and responding to issues immediately which has made the entire project progress smoothly. It is without hesitation that I recommend them to anyone looking to complete a similar project.

I am personally thankful to the Project Manager, Tim Moline, who handled every situation with class. Any project like this takes a huge amount of attention to the overall plan then every detail at each stage and he was just super to work with. I have put my faith and trust in him and dealt with him every week, every day sometimes and I have always been rewarded by his keen interest in our needs."

Ainsley LamontagneGeneral Manager, Grande Prairie Farmer's Market


"Please accept this letter as an indication of my high level of satisfaction with the recent renovation of our entire kitchen at our Shark Club in Grande Prairie.

In our business, every day that we are closed is critical to our operation as it represents a lost day of employment for our team and an inability for us to deliver on a service we are proud to provide to our guests. Throughout the entire partnership of this project your team exhibited excellent project management and communication skills by not only endeavoring to understand our needs and concerns, but also by keeping everyone informed. In addition to excellent project management your team demonstrated a real sense of urgency while working in our facility. This commitment to getting the job done quickly made us feel like completing the project on time was as important to your team as it was to us. Turcon’s ability to coordinate this project and keep it on time saved our team, our guests, and our business the unnecessary inconvenience that comes with costly delays.

Although Turcon’ s entire team and associates were a pleasure to deal with and showed a real sense of urgency throughout, I’d like to make extra special note of two individuals who truly went above the call of duty. As the site Supervisor, Scott St. Germain worked collaboratively with our operations team and without question played a key role in the tremendous success of this project. Without his leadership I’m certain a similar result would not have been achieved. In a supporting role Dorrin Diesel was instrumental in the pla 1ng phases of the project and always made himself available to help guide us through the process. Perhaps even more important was Dorrin’ s constant willingness to help us in any way he could. It was, and continues to be a tremendous feeling to know that we have someone as talented and knowledgeable as Dorrin as a trusted resource.

On behalf of Shark Clubs of Canada I would like again to thank your company and your team for their efforts and commitment to helping us continue our pursuit of being the Best Sports Bar In Canada."

Marcel Blais, VP of OperationsShark Club


"We were very happy with the job that Richard and his team completed for us this spring. The whole team were professional from start to finish. Richard was very detailed in the review of the plans and gave us great confidence in being meticulous. Once the review of the plans were done, we were given a competitive quote on the project.

During the renovation the team showed excellence in the organization of all the sub trades. The project was completed independently, on time, and on budget as quoted. We were consulted on any questions that arose or items not included in the quoted price. We would definitely use or recommend the Turcon Development Group as a general contractor for a construction project."

Stephanie Kvill, PresidentOrange Julius


"We’ve subcontracted for TurCon since the company started up. I like their approach to change. They’re open to the project-management, or design-build, style of work and have diversified from the bid-spec market. This means jobs get done quicker and with a cost savings."

Pete MerloLee’s Sheet Metal


"TurCon did several major renovations here and are in fact doing a renovation right now in our box office. They are energetic people, with credibility in the community, who are concerned about the customer. Their work here has been completed on time and within budget."

Wayne AylingGrande Prairie Little Theatre

"TurCon did a number of additions to our building, including a wing on the front end, a front addition, a warehouse addition, a storefront, a lazyboy gallery, and concrete work in our old warehouse. The people at TurCon were easy to communicate with and satisfied our needs, solving concerns and problems as we went along."

Don WiglesworthMidwest Home Furnishings

"TurCon helped us renovate our store in June. They were very creative, with good ideas and very flexible, with plans A, B and C to try. They were extremely reliable, very timely and quick."

Geri HareBath & Body Basics

"Just wanted to let you know about the Trauma Room renovations. I have talked with Scott. They were completed and the painting done by Thursday afternoon. I had the night staff put everything back together, and the wall fixtures. Scott came in at 0530 so he could have things done before the busy time started in the morning. I thought this was very good of him. All in all, the renovations that have been done in the patient care areas have gone very smoothly, with minimal disruption. The guys were great. Just to let you know, it was appreciated."

SherrylBeaverlodge Hospital

"We were always concerned about the additional cost, but if we suggested something that was going to be a problem in terms of cost, they let us know, and they often found alternate sources and similar products at lower cost."

Cyril GurevitchBurgess & Gurevitch

"Kudos to TurCon Building Systems of Grande Prairie for being up front with local residents.

The company held a public meeting last week to discuss its proposed plans for a lawyer’s office in the 106 Ave. and 100 St. area — a neighborhood known as the VLA and a place where the homeowners have a lot of pride.

A lot of developers wouldn’t go to all that trouble at risk of their proposal being panned in public...I think TurCon will be doing business here for a long time."

Don MoonGrande Prairie Daily Herald-Tribune (The Burgess & Gurevitch Project)

"We’ve recently had the pleasure of working with TurCon during our latest home renovation and would recommend the same experience to others.

Turcon delivered what they contacted to do, following through on their commitment to the project. Both management and tradesmen were competent, reliable and courteous. They listened to our concerns, ideas and suggestions, considering them honestly and researched options we asked about. Openness and honesty marked our business arrangements.

Three specific areas are worthy of mentioning:

  1. Quality of work – All work was well done with quality materials and finished completely.
  2. Timeliness and management of subtrades – Accepting and managing the subtrades was done within the timelines established. This greatly reduced the stress in our lives.
  3. Solving of technical and challenging problems – Difficult, unexpected, and technically challenging problems were handled with confidence and produced excellent results.

We are looking forward to a continuing relationship with TurCon as we proceed with plans for an addition in Spring."

Herbert and Anita Janzen

"This letter is to convey how pleased we are with the job done by Turcon Construction on our recently completed Family Housing Office project. I looked back at the project schedule and noted the following key dates:

Letter of lntent signed to go ahead with the project- June 18,2010 Pre-construction start -up meeting- July 12, 2010

Substantial completion of the project- November 10, 2010 Move- in to the new facility- November  18, 2010  5 months from saying yes we want to go ahead to moving in. Excellent performance and right on the initial schedule provided.

We found Jody and Tim to be very pleasant to work with as issues came up through out the project. They were readily available and always polite and calm in dealing with the glitches that are sure to come up during a project. They even suggested and did small improvements such as additional blocking in the walls to make mounting grab bars and office partitions easier.

Safety is an important value to our organization and we found that there was a strong focus on safety in the project management and no injuries to my knowledge.

In total there were about 15 change orders to make scope changes and pricing adjustments during the project (several of these were credits) and these were handled easily and promptly.

Overall this was an enjoyable experience to work with Turcon and very exciting for our staff to see the progress being made on their new office space. We would definitely ask Turcon for a proposal for any future construction projects that we may have."

Brian Hillaby, General Manager

"Anderson Hearing has found TurCon construction group, a great company to work with in relation to getting our building renovations completed.

We found the project managers to be accessible, and responded to phone calls and emails in a timely manner. When concerns arose they were addressed immediately, and discussed thoroughly to try to find the most efficient and cost saving option available.

The on site manager did an excellent job of ensuring the trades that they hired to complete the renovations, were on location in a timely manner, so that there were no long delays of waiting for completion, and had them lined up ready to go as each area neared completion.

Projected dates and timelines were all within a reasonable time of those projections.

If we are to have any further renovation requirements, TurCon would be on the top of my list to contact. Their friendly staff made it a pleasure to go through the renovation process.

Thanks so much: Tim, Richard and Jody.  Job well done"

Teresa BlimkieAnderson Hearing Aid and Audiology Services, Grande Prairie